• Fawkham Montessori

    A friendly place for your Wobblers & Toddlers to grow and learn
  • Fawkham Montessori Pre-school is a newly established early learning environment housed within a beautiful rural location.

    Operating on a full time basis, Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm catering for children from 2 and a half to rising 5’s. Our setting aims to provide children with a stimulating environment through which they can develop social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth.

    With two spacious indoor rooms, both carefully designed to reflect the Montessori Ethos and an indoor hall to allow and promote creative and physical skills and learning.

    Our classrooms offer the children independent choice from a range of Montessori equipment and other complimentary resources.

    We have an unrivalled, enriching and exciting childcare environment, with a varied range of facilities for the children;

    • fully equipped Montessori preschool setting
    • a farm
    • a forest
    • large enclosed indoor play area
    • large enclosed outdoor play area
    All supplemented with a varied range of tools, equipment and activities.

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    • My daughter absolutely loves it here, and gets so excited every time i tell her shes going!!! This pre-school was definitely the best I had viewed, and is such a lovely environment. She has come on leaps and bounds in such a small amount of time! The staff are amazing and really attend and care for the children all individually. Would definitely recommend!!

      Sophie Webber
    • I cannot reccomend this pre-school highly enough! In the short time that my daughter has attended her self confidence has soared and her motivation to learn and explore through play has been nurtured and encouraged by the wonderful staff. Thank you so much.

      Pippa Booth
    • Just an amazing place for my child to learn through play!, The teachers and their assistants are just amazing people who have helped my child come on leaps and bounds.

      Laura Fuller
    • Such a lovely environment , Lynne is such a lovely lady my little boy loves it here he can’t wait to go back, I highly recommend

      Sarahjane Caird
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